January 21,2008

為肯亞宣教士James Huang一家人禱告


昨天主日禮拜認識了在肯亞宣教的黃宣教士一家人, 恰巧地是他也是James

當James遇上James, 格外親切^^

當我知道James宣教士原是美國矽谷的工程師, 卻願意捨下令人欣羨的生活,帶著一家人(妻子與一雙兒女)前往肯亞的神學院宣教, 心中充滿佩服!

雖然肯亞現今因總統選舉與內亂動盪不安, 但代禱信中那種迫切地排除萬難要重回肯亞的為主捨命精神, 尤其令人感動! (James一家人今天就要起程回到肯亞了!)

親愛的弟兄姊妹, 生活在安逸舒適小島上的我們, 可以為這些為主捨命的前線屬靈戰士做些什麼嗎? 可否請你花幾分鐘的時間為這些人禱告, 把他們的需求放入你的禱告中,相信神必垂聽! 謝謝你! 

James,God is your shelter and shield.

For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee(Luke 4:10)!  



Hwang’s Prayer Hotline


                                                           January 19, 2008


Greetings from Taiwan!


The disputed presidential election in Kenya has caused more than 600 people to die and at least 255,000 people who have become refugees. As we are waiting for the unrest of Kenya to improve, our desire is to return to Kenya as soon as possible. During the waiting, we had rescheduled our return trip three times due to the political unrest. After three days of nation-wide protests on January 16-18, it appears that Kenya’s political situation has cooled down a bit, so that we will be leaving for Kenya on January 21. Our families are very concerned about our safety when we return. We trust that we are in God’s protection and care. As missionaries, we have our responsibilities to our Bible college students and to the Kenyan congregation that we are pastoring. This is the time that they need us more than any moment. Because our Bible college students are from different tribes, we pray that the tribal clashes caused by the election won’t build up barriers among them. We ask God to give them the healing power and comfort to restore peace in their churches and in the country.


The beginning date of our kids’ school has been postponed to Monday, January 21. Most missionaries will escort their kids back to school from different places and countries on January 19 or 20. Some of them need to drive through the highly tensed areas. They are our fellow workers in Christ, and their kids are our kids’ friends. Please lift them up in your prayers.


When we safely arrive on Tuesday night, we will give you all more updates.


Praises and Prayers:

1. Praise God for keeping our missionary friends’ safety!

2. Please continue praying for the peace of Kenya.

3. Please pray for wisdom to be bestowed on the Kenyan leaders from both sides. Ask God to give them a heart to reconcile.

4. Please pray for the safety of the missionary kids and their parents going to Rift Valley Academy when they make their trip back to school.

5. Please pray for our travel safety on January 21-22.


In Christ,

James, Antonia, Grace and Timothy Hwang


“The LORD is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge.” (Ps. 18:2a)



We are in God.
Standing up when the chips are down.
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