June 11,2007

Paths to SOA

data source: http://blogs.zdnet.com/service-oriented/?p=301

Earlier this month, analysts and speakers at Forrester’s GigaWorld conference offered some leading thinking on opportunities ahead in the world of SOA. Forrester analyst Randy Heffner made the case that "business drives architecture" in this new era and "you need vision to guide the evolution of SOA." He also argued that SOA creates opportunities for "pluggable business," pointing to Starbucks’ use of the Microsoft MapPoint Web service as a store locator.

However, Heffner’s most significant recent contribution to SOA thinking lies in his paper, "Your Paths to Service-Oriented Architecture." In the report, he states, "There are multiple paths to SOA, each with its own characteristics and architectural priorities."

He cites six major paths to SOA:


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