September 29,2009


今天我要分享神如何對我說話、讓我有所突破、並得以參加這次到台灣的短宣隊。Today I would like to share how God spoke to me and my breakthrough about coming for his mission trip.

I have wanted to go for a mission trip for a very long time. Things doesn’t seems to go my way. Either my leave was not approved, or the recent financial crises that causes me to work to the late nites or family committment.

Also, for the last 3 years, I’ve been struggling with a rebellious son who turn into his teen…create a big havoc in the family. I’ve have 2 sons….one is 16years old and another 13 years old. I didn’t think life was fanstatic then. I went through depression, many sessions of counselling till I tell myself that this has got to end. By drowning myself further will not change the situation in my home front or my office. I wanted a breakthrough. There are many people out there who needs God. I wanted to see what God can do through me, what He wants from me. It takes faith to move out. I remembered a dream that I had with our then Senior Pastor Dowdy. In our conversation, she told me to take a step of faith…do something…like song leading in a cell, or go for a mission trip. Am I afraid….yes. But I have the confidence that He will walk me through…to live the purposeful life to the fullest that He has given to me. My first breakthrough came when my leave was approved without any questioning. Thank God for that.

My son may not listen to me about God goodness. And I have received much from God and I believe there are people out there who needs to hear about HIM.

A few days before coming for this trip, my second son who is very close to me tell me “Mummy, please don’t go”. I told him “I have to go, if I don’t, I will never go”. Thank God, the day I left for this trip, he left a letter in my luggage box. He wrote “Mummy, know that Jesus healed the blind man in his time for a purpose, to show HIS goodness for everyone then. Mummy, today is the time for you,…GO…Have Faith….Be a Living Testimony and fulfill the destiny that God has for you”.

I am glad and happy that my son releases me for His ministry…today I tell myself that I want to live a joyful and purposeful life as if today will be my last day on earth.
Glory be to God.


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